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April 02 2016


Sophie Marceau enjoys stalking paparazzi

This is the story of the biter. Sophie Marceau took in their own trap the paparazzi are in pursuit since the revelation by the tabloids with his relationship with the celebrity chef Cyril Lignac. The actress started working his directorial talent to film in turn photographers who regularly hunts around his home. The actress of "LOL" published Friday on his Twitter account two short films of his adventures with the image shock hunters. In the first video she filmed from the balcony and the challenges in the street. This first video is entitled "Episode 1: the fury".

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The second video is titled "Episode 2: the fury". In this second video we see furtively and hear Cyril Lignac in a car, and Sophie Marceau is going to meet the paparazzo in front of a gate. Dialogue is surprising even almost surreal. "Show you at least. Have the courage of what you are. Why you do not want to show you, "calls Sophie Marceau. "Stop filming, it's good ..." tries to defend the photographer behind her hood. "And you what do you do?" Retorted the actress.

"I try to have photos. Stop shooting! "Replies the journalist in vain. "So I have no right to shoot you but you can shoot me as much as you want. No, but show me your head sir ... ", continues the star of" The Boom ". The latter eventually flee. The video concludes with a clown music. Rather funny, these two little shorts show that Sophie Marceau has humor to spare. Not sure, however, that the paparazzi have enjoyed this suprise April 1...

Trump finally said that abortion laws should not change

Donald Trump backtracked. US abortion laws should remain as they are, finally considered the favorite of the Republican primaries Friday, two days after he caused an outcry by suggesting to punish women who have abortions. "The laws on abortion are established now and so they will stay until they change," said the billionaire in an interview with NBC News. A little later in the interview, he asserted, however, agree with the idea that "abortion is murder".

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A few hours after the broadcast of excerpts from the interview, which all must be broadcast Sunday, his campaign spokesman Hope Hicks has denied any back-pedaling on the issue. "Mr. Trump gave a clear explanation of the law as it is today and made it clear that it should remain so - until he became president, "she justified. "Then he will change the law (...) and allow each state to protect unborn children. There is nothing different in there, "she added.

A major topic of the upcoming campaign Wednesday, claiming the White House had asserted that there must be "some form of punishment" for women who resort to abortion, yet legal throughout the United States since a landmark decision of the Supreme Court 1973 called "Roe v. Wade ". Despite this decision, the subject remains burning in the United States between supporters of women's right to abortion (pro-choice) and opponents (pro-life).

About The Trump have also not failed to ulcerate the pro-choice, first and foremost his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Faced with the controversy, Donald Trump backtracked, first publishing a first communiqué to explain that "this question is not clear," before adding in a second statement that it planned to not penalize women as he said on MSNBC, but doctors and only if a law prohibiting abortion. Donald Trump has long defended the abortion front to oppose it in his campaign. He received support from the face of the anti-abortion, Phyllis Schlafly, register opposite the gender equality in the Constitution.

Maternity the woman with 10000 babies

We're not very proud but, let's face it, when we (our) birth (s), many of us have copiously insulted the brave midwife who helped us to bring forth our baby. Sylvie Checked, exercising this profession for thirty-two years, still having fun and recounts in his book, "Push, lady!" * Multitude of funny anecdotes, poignant, sometimes painful, related to these 10,000 births that it was accompanied. These confidences of a midwife is also a declaration of love for this profession and a surprise success. Released in early March, the first 10 000 copies have been exhausted and the publisher share for a reprint.

"The only time my heart stopped beating, when a patient is abruptly raised on the work table and, looking me straight in the eye with practically foaming at the mouth, yelled: I curse you until the tenth generation! "She says in the book. It does not take offense at this curse, which fortunately remained futile. "I'm not senile, but what always amazes me is that in this belly I felt, touched, heard, a few weeks ago that thing crying in a crib. It's a kind of miracle. "

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Why this book? "I like to tell my war stories for the guards," said the officiating today, to 54, in a clinic in Lyon (Rhone). And stories, there are tasty. Such as the future mother who lived under the stress of childbirth as giving birth to a mixed-race child. Madame had been, in fact, at the time of conception, a black lover, or she and her husband were white. "There were only two or three to be in on the secret. [...] When the baby is born, everyone in the room held its breath. His little face does not leave us long in doubt. It was the spitting portrait of the husband. "She also had to manage the thundering couple quarrel when the best friend of the future given birth while in labor, had the good idea to call him, confessing to having sex with her husband. Be diplomatic when a patient also foreign, named Ankull, wants to call his daughter Kim. "It's hard to make him understand in simple words what makes the combination of both in French ..."

She also had the beginnings of an epidural which relieved women, ultrasound ... Before this, childbirth could be full of surprises, regarding the sex of the child, of course, but also the parents' reaction: "We cannot have twins! The room is too small! "Even dared a dad. She recalls with shame when she had to announce a future mother that her husband would not support him as he had just died in an accident. These women who are unable to carry their pregnancies to term the birth of these Siamese twins that will not survive, and many other babies ... For all those who are preparing for this extraordinary experience, Checked Sylvie has now only one advice: "trust yourself and trust."

USA challenged by supporters of Sanders Clinton irritated

Hillary Clinton is beginning to have the same problems as Donald Trump, but without violence. His election meetings are increasingly frequently interrupted by supporters of Bernie Sanders, and New York, she lost patience and expressed anger at what she calls the "lies" of the campaign of his rival. With our Washington correspondent, Jean-Louis Pourtet More and more often, supporters of Bernie Sanders disrupt the Clinton meetings singing, "You win, we lose." This is what has happened in New York, which holds its primary April 19. Answer by former Secretary of State: "What I regret is that they do not want to hear the contrast between my experience, my plan, my vision, and this certainty: I can accomplish what my opponent promises."

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"More than enough of the lies spread about me" The former First Lady recalls that a 2 and a half million voters over Senator from Vermont. However, after his speech, as she mingled with the crowd to shake hands, sign autographs and take pictures, it exploded. The cause: an environmental activist came to ask her if she would give up the oil lobbies accept contributions and gas.

"I'm sick of the lies spread the Sanders campaign against me. More than enough! "Unleashed the Democratic candidate. Important primary scheduled for Tuesday among Democrats Hillary Clinton advisors explained that the candidate had received contributions from people working for the oil companies but not the companies themselves. And stressed that Sanders had done the same. The temper of Hillary Clinton may be because it is four points behind Bernie Sanders in the important primary of Wisconsi scheduled next Tuesday.

The implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement on uncertain migrants

Hundreds of refugees and migrants demonstrated Friday on the Greek island of Chios while human rights organizations highlighted the obstacles to implementation, scheduled for Monday, the disputed agreement between the European Union and Ankara on the return of asylum seekers to Turkey. In Chios, several hundred people managed to cross the camp's barbed wire enclosure in which they were gathered and moved towards the harbor to protest against the prospect of deportation, saying fear for their safety, police said.

The latter did not intervene immediately. Incident took place on Thursday in the center. Windows were broken and ten people slightly injured, said another police official. "They say they do not want to return to Turkey and they fear for their safety after clashes yesterday in the hot spot," said an official of the police Chios using the term chosen EU to designate registration centers become in recent weeks of administrative detention places. Tensions in Chios are feared other resistances to the agreement of implementation concluded on March 20 between the EU and Turkey, Monday, April 4 supposed to intervene. Although the pace of arrivals has dropped more than 1,900 people crossed the sea between Turkey and Greece since the beginning of the week, bringing to 5,622 the number of newcomers recorded since March 20.

The EU plans to send hundreds of police and immigration officials in Greece during the weekend to organize the first returns in Turkey expected to contribute to stemming the flow of migrants, estimated at over one million people since last year. For their part, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the non-governmental organization Amnesty International have raised objections to the application of the agreement, Amnesty accusing Ankara of illegally returned to Syria, thousands of people trying to escape the war. "All their haste to seal their borders, the EU leaders have deliberately closed eyes to a very simple fact: Turkey is not a safe country for Syrian refugees and the situation deteriorates further day by day, "said John Dalhuisen, director of the Europe and Central Asia Programme at Amnesty International. The European Commission declared investigate the charges and says he wants to address the issue with the Turkish authorities.

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Melissa Fleming, spokesperson for UNHCR, said in Geneva at a press briefing that significant loopholes remained in Greece and Turkey and called on all parties concerned to ensure that all protection mechanisms are in place before the first returns. In Athens, Greek Parliament amended the law on the right to asylum in order to allow the entry into force of the EU-Turkey agreement. The text was adopted by 169 of the 300 members of the Vouli, the unicameral Parliament. Before the vote, the immigration minister, Yiannis Mouzalas, had sought to reassure members of Syriza, the party of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, about the risks of violating the rights of migrants. "I assure you, and I believe it will relieve everyone, we will scrupulously respect the human rights-related procedures under international law and the Geneva Convention," he he said.

Meanwhile, there is no indication that Turkey will change in time its own legislation to provide international protection to non-Syrians sent the Greek islands as part of the agreement with the EU. The Turkish Parliament was in session on Friday but authorized source is said that the agenda did not include any text related to the agreement on migrants and the session should not resume until Tuesday. The European Commission, it continues to show optimism about the implementation of the agreement. "Preparations are well underway to ensure that the return of persons whose application for asylum was declared unacceptable and those who have not requested protection can begin with the relocation of Syrians from Turkey on 4 April," said Mina Andreeva, spokeswoman for the EU executive. Asked about the loopholes in Turkey related to the treatment of non-Syrians, she said that nobody would be returned to Turkey without receiving international protection. In total, some 53,000 migrants and refugees are in Greece, whose northern neighboring countries closed their borders. UNHCR denounced the deteriorating situation in the "hot spots" of Lesvos and Samos and the Athenian port of Piraeus and Idomeni on the border of Macedonia. "The risk of movements of panic and injuries on these sites and others is real," said his spokesman.

Fatal collision in Catalonia Toulouse among the 7 victims

The five young French (among them a man of Tunisian origin living in Toulouse) who were traveling in a Volkswagen Golf died in the accident while "none of them was wearing a seat belt," he announced the director of the department of Interior of Catalonia, Jordi Jané, during a press conference in Girona (Catalonia, north-east) filmed by local television.

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The accident occurred shortly before 6:30 in Catalonia, on a main road, near Figueras. The vehicle registered in France are rammed a car registered in Spain carrying "a restaurant worker" to the French town of Perthus (Eastern Pyrenees), said Mr. Jané. Police gave no indication of the place of residence of the French but mentioned that "there were two brothers" among them. Aboard their car, a large sum of money in cash - more than 5,000 euros - was discovered by investigators, reported Mr. Jané.

"Do not wear seatbelts probably killed but surely the excessive speed of the French car violently hit a Catalan car," he argued. "Everything suggests to speeding," confirmed a spokesman for the Mossos d'Esquadra, the Catalan police force, which also raised "the wet by the rain." Two passengers of the Spanish vehicle collided - Moroccan and Colombian nationalities - were killed, while the Spanish driver was hospitalized in serious condition. According to a statement from the regional department of the Interior, the driver seriously injured "would have died if he had not worn a belt, according to the doctors."

Spanish media have argued that many accidents had taken place on this section called "the turn of death". The mayor of Figueres, Felip Marta, said on television that he was "urgentissime to split" this national, "one of the busiest roads of the state" as a "gateway to France". The Spanish region of Catalonia was already known, on 20 March, a terrible bus accident that killed 13 young foreign students, when the driver lost control of the vehicle on a highway.

Air France hostesses refuse to wear the veil on landing in Tehran

This is a conflict that Air France would be well. April 17, the main French airline will offer three flights a week between its base at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport Tehran Imam Khomeini. This link is the global symbol of Franco-Iranian relations after signing the nuclear deal last July. But now, if the very important reopening of this line of business perspective glad the company, it does not hold true for aircrew, especially flight attendants, as revealed Friday France TV Info.

Many employees of Air France have revolted against the requirement for female staff to wear a veil right out of the cab. As part of their dress staffing, flight attendants can usually choose between a uniform with a skirt and another with pants. In the particular case of the flight Paris-Tehran, the airline sent to memento of train crews which specified that women are forced to wear long pants, a long jacket, and to veil their hair right out from the plane. For several months, the unions waving the red flag with the management of this delicate situation. "Female staff does not want to be subject to constraints including clothing obligation - right out of the plane - the headscarf Air France fully covering the hair," explains Christophe Pillet, deputy secretary general of SNPNC (National Union the flight attendant), joined by LeParisien.fr, which would "establish the possibility of a voluntary principle in the name of respect for individual freedoms."

"This is in no case to challenge the law or custom in Iran. This would avoid voluntary refusal of mission and all the consequences this may have for staff, "the trade unionist. "There is no debate about the fact that female staff must wear a veil in the street privately, it is only through the port in their work uniform," he says again. Since 1979 and the Islamic Revolution, the veil is mandatory for all women in Iran to risk heavy fines. "The climate and the international context is no stranger either to distrust vis-à-vis these instructions, but we do not mix, and unions have pointed out, Tehran airport accounted no major problems in terms of security, "clarifies Christophe Pillet.

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On the side of the company, we do not really explain this sudden tension on the subject. "Tolerance and respect for the cultures and customs of the countries where it operates are among the core values of Air France and its employees. Like all foreign visitors, our crews are obliged to respect the laws of the countries they visit. Iranian law imposes the wearing of a veil covering her hair in public places, to all women on its territory. This obligation, which therefore does not apply during the flight, is respected by all international airlines serving the Republic of Iran, "said Air France Parisien.fr. "This port obligation scarf in certain airports is not new, it has existed for many years in other countries served by Air France (eg Saudi Arabia). It applies to the hostess but also to other categories of female staff (pilots and ground staff). The uniform port obligation by Air France employees complies with the rules in force in the company and the labor code latter provides for (Article L. 1121-1) the opportunity to make the rights of individuals and individual and collective freedoms of employees restrictions, since they are justified by the nature of the task and proportionate to the aim pursued "the statement from the airline.

The veil of the problem does not exist on other flights currently. In Saudi Arabia, there is no requirement to cover their faces for foreign guests, unlike Saudi women. However when Air France served Ryad, hostesses were to bring a scarf if they wanted to leave the hotel. There are eight when Air France served Tehran, this headscarf obligation existed already know it from the side of the company. The management of the airline will provide a response to employees early next week. Another union, the Unac, brought the debate to the floor above and sent a letter to Laurence Rossignol, Minister of Women's Rights, already at the heart of a controversy over the veil this week ...

High school student struck in Paris: the police officer involved in a video sent in corrections

In a video posted on social networks, a teenager enrolled at Henri Bergson lycée in Paris and participated in the blockade of its establishment in protest against Labour Law, was beaten by a policeman. The latter will be tried for "voluntary violence". Bernard Cazeneuve had promised sanctions for proven misconduct.

After 48 hours of police custody, the police officer involved in a video where we see him hit a high school student in Paris on the sidelines of demonstrations against the bill work, on March 24, was referred by the prosecution in court Corrections, did we learned Saturday. This peacekeeper 26 years will be held in May for "voluntary violence by person holding public authority" on the high school student 15 years. He was taken into custody Thursday at the General Inspectorate of Judicial Police (IGPN). After a confrontation with the high school Friday, the prosecution requested the placement of police under judicial control with disqualification pending judgment. A judge of freedoms and detention (JLD) must decide on this Saturday.

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Thursday 24 March, a video, shot close-Henri Bergson school in the nineteenth arrondissement of Paris by a relative of the young man, had triggered a wave of indignation. In the images, we see the high school, held by the arms by two police officers before one of them struck him a violent blow for no reason, it seems. "I was already on the ground, it would have been just handcuff me, it hit me. It was very violent, I felt it move," had already told the young victim, stunned, to BFM TV. The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said he was "shocked" and requested the opening of an administrative investigation, always IGPN.

The Paris police headquarters had said that high school students threw missiles at police vehicles and instigating violence. The day after the events, young people were taken to two Parisian police, in the tenth and nineteenth districts, including throwing projectiles on the facades and trying to break the bulletproof glass of the local police. The Paris prosecutor opened a second investigation after the release of two other videos including shots where a plainclothes policeman, face hidden by a scarf and a hood, giving batons to students, always before the Bergson school on 24 March.

Two new complaints were also filed Friday by the students of this school. One of them, arrested March 24, reported police violence during police custody. He was indicted for his involvement in incidents. The prosecution opened another investigation into the new allegations of police violence, said the judicial source. The FCPE (parents) of the Bergson school had criticized "an excessively brutal and disproportionate police action" and requested "the dropping of all charges" against the teenager. Thousands of school and university students demonstrated against the law work alongside unions. Two new days of mobilization are announced 5 and 9 April.

Waltz referrals for primary LR

Among Republicans, the appetite of the tenors of the party in terms of sponsorships should limit the ambition of the smallest. Each candidate for the primary right needs the support of 20 MPs. There are 361 among Republicans, so in theory 18 candidates can apply. Except that the appetite of large candidates may complicate matters little. Today, they are 4 to have their entry ticket: Alain Juppé, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Fillon and Bruno Le Maire. But they do not intend to settle regulatory sponsors. He also designed the show of force.

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An appetite ogre. A juppéiste confess: "We have as much as possible." Same with Fillon. Bruno Le Maire already displays 31. When Nicolas Sarkozy will launch, it should also collect many signatures. Frameworks are categorical: the four of them, they will block at least 200 elected officials.

This leaves a hundred to share, or a little more with the centrists. To exist. In the corridors of the Assembly can be crossed Michelle Alliot-Marie and Nadine Morano who go hunting, but nothing requires legislators to give its sponsorship. "Many will refuse to get wet," slips a deputy. There will undoubtedly be disappointments. So why go into this battle knowing that we can not go all the way? To exist in the media, and then sell to the highest bidder. Became Prime Minister in 2014, Manuel Valls had collected only 5% of the vote in the Socialist primary of 2011.

August 17 2015


Pakistan & China Start Collaboration in Space Technology Under CPEC

Chinese Ambassador in Pakistan, Sun Weidong, was also a part of the CPEC forum. He labelled the meetings as successful in increasing understanding among the related stakeholders for implementing the CPEC. He pointed out the field of energy and communication as a major part of the CPEC. Over 300 officials, businesspersons and public figures were a part of the two-day forum.

Happy New Year 2016

Urdu Poetry and Hindi Shayari 2016

Another decision made at the forum was to make these meetings a permanent platform that will meet every year to examine the project and present collaboration on broader aspects. The forum will also be used to ensure the project’s true objective of promoting Pakistan-China relations.

At the end of the closing session, Senator Mushahid Hussain and China’s NPC Committee Vice Chairperson Madam Baige Zaho gave a detailed joint presentation on the approvals and achievements of the CPEC forum. They appreciated the shared cultural heritage of Silk Road and how it has historically brought wealth to countries along the road and symbolized peace, collaboration and shared benefits.

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